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Marco Wehr spricht mit Martin Schläpfer zum Thema "Das Gehirn des Tänzers - Ein Buch mit sieben Siegeln?

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Bboy El Nino

We are proud to having had intensive classes with Bboy El Nino of Floorlords Crew from Boston.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon back again!

The first diploma exams of the HF ZUB are done // Words of the artistic director I

A huge piece of work over the timespan of three years of the teachers, the students and the artistic director has come to its climax.

Jochen Heckmann, the artistic director of HF ZUB, took the opportunity to send a spontaneous word of appreciation and thank to his teachers, students and experts which we want to share with you below:


Dear Pioneer students (3.year) and teachers of the HF ZUB in Zürich I

What a WOWing Diploma-exam -session today.Already yesterday you proved, that you all understood what Ballet is doing for you as professional dancers and you succeeded very well the demanding class of amazing Lesli Wiesner.

And today you flashed me with your Urban exams. What joy and pleasure seeing you execute some incredible power moves, flow steps and freezes in the Breakdance with your own flavours, prepared by the gorgeous Olivia Marinoni.
Getting the dancefloor burning with your extreme personalities, styles and mixes in the HipHop/House sections and battles in the set up of Michael Bredy (the fire extinguisher was definitely needed...)

And finally the very subtle, complex variations and beautiful interpretation in the Popping exam of Seng'Kit Danny.
You made me feel so proud today and demonstrated, that the idea and set up of this first curriculum of the HF ZUB is on an excellent way.

Thanks to Udo Kersten and Sara Narbutas-Bocek for their time and effort to judge the first official Ballett Diploma exams.
Thanks to Poppin-Hood (Sven Weller) and Saul Hernandez to be so brave and taking on the challenge to judge the 3 Urban exams.

You are all pioneers and deserving my highest respect.


The first diploma exams of the HF ZUB are done // Words from the artistic director II

Dear Pioneer students (3.year) and teachers of the HF ZUB in Zürich II

It's done.

My final students from the HF ZUB finished up the 2. part of the Diploma-exams and did such a wonderful job. The last two classes in Contemporary Dance with the highly appreciated and experienced Paula Lansley and the lecture in my style (supported by the inspiring and dedicated musician and corepititor Christina Weidmann-Weber) were just such a pleasure and I have got tears in my eyes, watching those 12 students dancing, moving and going to and beyond their borders and limits.
Congratulations to all of you.
A big Thank you to Jacqueline Beck and Etienne Frey to take over the responsability for judging those young dancers and supporting the HF...

I am looking so much forward to keep the next 4weeks working on my piece with you and cant wait to see the other 4 creations of Paula Lansley, Philipp Egli, Bollwerk Andrea Boll / Michael Bredy and Rafael Smadja in Tanzhaus Zürich on the 7./8.July.


Bühnentanzausbildung ganz nahe an der Praxis:


Bühnen-Praktika sind ein wichtiger Pfeiler des Studienganges an der HF ZUB

Unter anderem können die Studierenden dabei:
• Das im Studium gelernte auf der Bühne anwenden
• Wichtiges Netzwerk aufbauen
• Neues Umfeld und neue Menschen kennenlernen
• Kontakte knüpfen

An diesen Orten haben die Studierenden der HF ZUB im laufenden Studienjahr ein Praktikum absolviert:

• Dana Foglia Co. / London (GB)        

• Tanz Luzerner Theater

• Parsons Dance L.A. (USA)

• Theater St. Gallen Tanzkompanie

• miR- Compagnie  / Basel

• Breakthrough Dance Festival / Zürich

• Ballett des Landestheater / Linz (A)

• Bollwerk / Zürich

• Ballett Tiroler Landestheater / Innsbruck (A)

• Ballett Theater / Nordhausen (D)

• Theater Basel ( Schauspiel)  

• Bounce Streetdance Company (SWE )                                                                    

• Theater / Kempten (D)


Bühnentanzausbildung ganz nahe an der Praxis:

HF ZUB kooperiert mit dem Theaterhaus Gessnerallee

Das Theaterhaus Gessnerallee arbeitet mit den Studierenden der HF ZUB zusammen, um Einblick in eines der zukünftigen Berufsfelder der StudienabgängerInnen zu ermöglichen.
Anhand von realen oder fiktiven Projekten der Studierenden werden die Produktionsprozesse der Gessnerallee von der Idee bis zur Durchführung durchgespielt.
Eine grossartige Möglichkeit für die Studierenden der HF ZUB Ihre Bühnenkenntnisse und ihr Netzwerk zu erweitern.


Bist du zwischen 13 und 17 Jahre alt? Möchtest du dich PROFESSIONELL auf eine Tanzausbildung vorbereiten? Jetzt anmelden für das K&S-Juniorprogramm!

"Neue Tanzformen erobern die Bühne" Ein Artikel von Jochen Heckmann: Künstlerische Leitung HF Bühnentanz

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