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Information about the Video Audition

The video should include the following:

  1. Sequences from lessons in dance techniques: Demonstrating Exercises in Contemporary/Modern Dance techniques, Ballet (barre), Jazz Dance.
    Demonstrating Sequences and Moves in Urban Dance Styles.
    If available, video excerpts from performances: solo or duo. The candidate must be clearly recognizable, if necessary with an explanation.
    Duration: 10-15 Minutes
  2. Solo: Demonstrating a personal, inspiring and self-created solo in the style of your choice (preferably Contemporary/Modern Dance / Urban Dance / or Fusion/Experimental Mixed)
    Duration: 1,5-2,5 Minutes

    The recordings should not be older than one year. If there are no suitable studio and performance recordings, video recordings can also be submitted in the rooms / surroundings currently available.

    If we need further clarifications, we would contact you with specific questions.


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    The audition points out the candidate's abilities in dance and it's individual potential for development. Therefore, the audition consists of the following elements:

    – an examination in ballet, jazz, contemporary and urban dance
    – a self-created solo ( 1-1,5 minutes/ free music choice/ please bring a CD)
    – a personal motivation letter (2 pages DIN A4)
    – a personal interview
    – length: about 6 hours

    Photographs by Jos Schmid