Die Tanzschule der



The total cost for the 7th semester is CHF 9,500.                                                                                              Tuition may be paid in advance or in monthly instalments according to agreement.



Talented students from Switzerland and abroad who require financial assistance may apply for a stipend from the association "Freunde der Höheren Fachschule für Zeitgenössischen und Urbanen Bühnentanz".



Swiss students of HF ZUB and students who have worked in Switzerland for two years and meet the criteria for a stipend may apply for an additional stipend from their canton. These stipends can cover both tuition and living expenses. Amounts are determined individually and are dependent on various factors such as income and parents' financial situation.

International students who need financial assistance in the form of loans or support from foundations should consult with the school director: frank.rutishauser@gmz.migros.ch