Die Tanzschule der

HF Bühnentanz


The main aspect in that course of study is the formation of stage dancers, who are able to work, to interact and to express in the field of contemporary and urban dance language on a high level, while integrating an interdisciplinary knowledge. The student gets to know DANCE as an integral process in mainly practical exercises, excursions and artistic projects. This strengthens, deepens and fosters it's abilities, talents and limitations. The nearness to the artistic practice is very important in that course. The students therefore get the possibility to earn wide-ranging experiences while internships and regular performances and presentations in front of an audience.


The HF ZUB transfers an intensive fundamental knowledge in the field of choreography, pedagogy, project management as well as a wide spectrum of theoretical knowledge with practical relevance. This helps the students already while studying to prepare options in other subareas of stage dance, to apply them and even to specialize.

The HF ZUB's teaching team is international, qualified and competent. All teachers have a longtime experience on stage, as a teacher and or as a choreographer. Renowned guest docents and choreographers regularly complete the teaching team.

Photographs by Jos Schmid